Water use and water flow

A standard shower head uses about 9-10L of warm water per minute, which means that during an average 8 minute - shower, about 80L of warm water goes almost directly to waste down the drain.


Because our system creates circulating loop and adds only 1-2L of warm water per minute - during the same showering time, you use as little as 8 litres of water


This can make an enormous difference for both the environment and your utility bills!

Using less while giving more

Flow Loop also gives you an impressive water flow of up to 14l/min

- that’s more than twice the flow of a standard 9l/min shower head


Energy use and efficiency

The heating of shower water accounts for 25% of all a household's heating costs. The same water accounts for 80% of all of the hot water consumption.


Flow Loop wants to reduce this unnecessary energy waste and introduce a new efficiency standard in the bathroom - Providing 40C water from the shower head and circulation of the 35C water from the floor.


An ordinary shower provides 38C water from the shower head. The water that ends up in the drain has average temperature of 35C.




Compared to a standard shower, Flow Loop uses only 10% of the water and 20% of the energy, while giving you twice the water flow.

That's smart showering!


There is even more

Flow Loop makes your life easier too


The ultrasonic descaler changes the structure of calcium in the water so it has reduced binding ability and thereby less build up of lime scale - this reduces need for cleaning the shower space.




Universal and sustainable solution for everybody's needs


90% less water used

80% less energy used

higher flow & comfort

cleaner shower space

reduces water and heating bills by up to 25%

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