A hybrid shower that provides

drastic savings while improving comfort


We believe in giving people freedom of choice

With our panel you can choose to use the regular shower mode or

the circulation mode at any given time.

The same goes for the panel cover itself.

You can choose any tile to make it fit in or stand out from the existing tiles


It's simple


After a few minutes in the regular mode, all you need to do is step on the drain cover - which will automatically activate the circulation mode using only 1-2L of water per minute instead of 9-12L per minute. That's more comfort with much less water.


Instead of letting all the warm water go to waste down the drain, Flow Loop recovers it from the floor and passes it through the filter system, before recirculating it to your shower head cleaner than before and with up to double the flow - while adding just a little bit of warm water to keep the temperature constant.

That's it !


The water you use will continuously circulate through the micro filters, UV purifier and descaler providing better quality water than most taps.

Once you’re done, simply step on the drain cover again and the system will clean itself, so you or the next person won’t have to.

The water gets cleaner and cleaner


Because initially it is the same water purified over and over again - the longer you shower, the better water quality you get.


Already after first circulation, it is cleaner and safer than most tap water. Here is how::

Circulation road



Self-cleaning prefilter

Collects all larger particles from the shower water, such as hair and sand down to 50micron (0,05mm), protecting the i system from clogging. The prefilter cleans itself after every shower - no maintainance required.

Micro filter with active carbon

Filters out very small particles (dirt, skin cells etc.) down to 5micron (0,005mm!) while the active carbon removes any odor or other compounds left in the water from shampoo etc.

This inexpensive filter is replaced less than once a year

UV filter

Ultra Violet light from the sun is nature's own way of purifying water by killing bacteria and micro-organisms.

Passing the water around the UV lamp kills 99,99% of all bacteria and viruses - making the water safer than most tap water by eliminating existing risk of Legionella contamination in water pipes. The UV filter affects the water in both shower modes.


Diaphragm pump

The silent, self-priming 4 membrane pump, provides up to 14L shower flow per minute in the circulation mode

Ultrasonic descaler

Changes the structure of calcium in the water, reducing binding ability and build-up of lime scale in the shower space.

At the same time it, prolongs the total lifetime of the pump, valves and UV-filter as well as decreasing use of time and chemicals normally needed for cleaning the shower space.

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