The team

Product Development


Simon Kolff

CEO & Founder, Product Design

Rafael Rodrigues

Engineering Managment

Jalen Bigej

CTO, Mechanical Engineering

Business Development


Matus Hlavaty

Business Development and Managment

Marianne Prytz

Business Development

Communication and Marketing


Zaneta Mierzchala

Multimedia Design and Communications

Dominik Stodolovsky

Sales and Digital Marketing

Our values


We believe that sustainable development is the only way of approaching the future. Driven by innovation and creativity, taking into consideration present and future generations, present and future resource use and management.


As a business, we believe in leading people towards this

mind set and providing sustainable product as an obvious choice, beneficial for everybody, without any compromise.


We believe that every person has the power to make a difference in the world and we strive to deliver a tool helping to achieve that goal.


Mission & vision


We think big!


Our goal is to change the way we use water in our bathrooms. We believe in doing good while doing business at every level. Our mission is to provide affordable and accessible solution for any household. We want to create a new standard for efficient use of resources in the shower - to provide smart showering solutions for any bathroom .


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